Art After Dark

Venue: Horsham Regional Art Gallery, 

Dates: Wednesday 6th June 7:30-9:30pm

Cost: $20 (members $18)


Are you hard or are you soft? Enter the Gallery after dark to find out. Soft Core brings to Horsham leading artists from around Australia, New Zealand’s number one artist and one import from New York City. They are all investigating what it means to be hard and all things that are soft. Hear from participating artists as they talk about their own work and those of their peers within the exhibition.


To get to the bottom of the question and to ensure all your senses are engaged enjoy a range of food that is inspired by the artworks on display. Are you willing to take a bite out of that? What sort of memorial to a pet would you build? Can a sculpture be made out of air? Enjoy the Horsham Regional Art Gallery out of hours and with disco tunes.

Louise Weaver; no small wonder 2005 (detail)Hand crocheted lambswool and embroidered cotton thread over high density foam, walnut tree, Japanese rice wine vessels (gourds), ceramic, chromed abs plastic, ('Tangle' designed by Richard X. Zawitz 1981), lurex thread, nylon thread, cotton thread, Japanese silk, felt, Swarovski crystals, mirrored perspex, steel, plastic, fibreglass, granite, starfish. 'Fruit Light', designed by Geoffrey Mance. Nylon carpet, light, sound. Courtsey of the artist and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney.

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