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Djilga Wotjobaluk

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Djilga means "showoff" and this is a celebration of Wotjobaluk culture, especially food culture. Incorporating Djagua Rarkee - "fire with a feast cooked under", this multi-course fine-dining banquet will be accompanied by ceremony, foraging,  performance, games, entertainment, and lots of information.

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This is an indication of events (:


3pm Dalk Maluk! Let's meet at Natimuk Lake Caravan Park and get to know one another with something warming and a yarn

4pm Foraging Time!

5pm Games or fireside drinks + snacks

6pm Let the Feast begin!



Full bellies

8pm Last drinks and something sweet before we say goodbye

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar


Soup with jonny cakes


Djagua Rarkee  Kangaroo + Lamb


Kipfler potatoes with roasted bunya nuts, fennel, dill and kaffir lime dressing

Avocado, coriander seed, cilantro fingerlime and grapefruit salad

Green curry with fish & samphire

Roasted pumpkin galette with goats cheese, black garlic and wattleseed

Roasted cabbage on saltbush, warrigal green pesto tahini creme

Rosella meringue

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