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Braided Rag Rugs
with Ilka White

A great way to recycle old clothes and fabric! Learn to make fantastic rag rugs using an off-loom, spiral-woven braiding technique. We will share an inspiring range of colour and design possibilities in this popular workshop, as well as covering cloth and fibre types. Beautiful and unique floor coverings are possible using contrasting colours, or you can blend patterned rags for a ‘carpet of flowers’. This braiding technique works in a circular fashion, weaving in as we go so there is no stitching up required afterward. Bring your own material to recycle and find out just what riches can come from rags…

Refund Policy: To assist in the management of this workshop program a cancellation process is essential. Cancellation must be in writing/email to: Cancellations to 20th May refund 80% of fees paid; cancellations from 21st May -refund 50% of fees paid.

Ilka’s practice spans projects in textiles, drawing, sculpture and
installation, art-in-community and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Direct engagement with the natural world and an interest in world textile traditions inform her making and teaching practice. Ilka taught Contemporary Art and Design, Weaving and Textile History at RMIT for 12 years and now teaches throughout the country. She exhibits internationally and her work
has appeared in a host of publications and public collections. Ilka’s popular workshops reflect the principles of sustainability alongside a love of the handmade and make contemporary use of traditional methods. She is a strong believer in the ability of beauty and creativity to lift the

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Date: Saturday 4th July 

10:30-12noon Online 

12-4pm Own practice with company of other participants via zoom if you like... 

4pm Check in and sharing

Cost: $20

Venue:  Via Zoom 

Rag rug with red scissors by Ilka White
Braided Rugs-NEW.jpg

Materials List


Please bring to the workshop: 


1. Fabric Scissors

2. Clipboard (or a magazine and large bulldog clip) to anchor your braiding.

3. Crochet hook (Approx. size 4 or 5mm).

4. If you have examples of recycled rag rugs in your possession, or pictures, please bring them along for show and tell !

5. Clean, worn out cloth you would like to cut into rags for your rug samples: 


NOTES: Almost any cloth works in a rag rug, with the exception of terry toweling and extremely stiff fabric such as canvas. Lightly woven, medium-weight cloth that won't fray excessively is recommended, such as worn out clothing, sheets, tablecloths or curtains. T-shirts are fine and other knits can be used, as can denim. Natural or synthetic are equally suitable and can be mixed together. If in doubt, bring everything you have and we’ll use what works.


Don’t cut your rags beforehand. We’ll talk about appropriate widths in relation to different fabrics etc. as part of the workshop.


Quantity - In our workshop we begin a rug and learn enough technique to complete it at home. I'd say 2-3 shirts, or the equivalent amount of cloth, is enough to bring along to the workshop, but you might like more colours to work with. (Most people's work at the end of the workshop is about the size of a generous platter. The completed size is up to you, and could range from a small mat to a room-sized rug. You'll have all the skills you need to finish the rug from this workshop.)


Colour - plays a large part in rug design. If the colours of your cast-offs don’t inspire you, pop into the op-shop and collect a broader colour palette of rag cloth to work with. One of the lovely things about learning in a group is there tends to be a bit of rag swapping going on. I also bring a few rags to share so you’ll get a wider range than your own cast offs.

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