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The Luminosity of Encaustic

A thorough introduction to the textural and luminous medium of encaustic (molten beeswax). Start with basic foundations, then delve into layering, collage, pigments, texturing, image transfers, and embedding handmade paper or fabrics. Finish with an array of skills and some ready-to-hang paintings!

Beginner to Intermediate


Note there will be an additional materials fee for this workshop.  Please budget for a maximum of $40 – Materials left over will be divided amongst the class

Refund Policy: To assist in the management of this workshop program a cancellation process is essential. Cancellation must be in writing/email to: Cancellations to 30th May 2019 refund 80% of fees paid;  cancellations from 31st May 2019 -refund 50% of fees paid.


Saturday 29 June 10am-4pm

Sunday 30 June 10am-4pm

Cost: $160

Early bird booking (by 21st June) $140 


Jubilee Hall, 19-21 Roberts Avenue, Horsham VIC 3400

SARA BOWERS is an Artist and Graphic Designer living in the Grampians. Her work is a response to the intricacies and uniqueness of the local landscape. “Since moving to Australia from Seattle, I have dedicated my artistic focus to an awareness, response, and examination of the Australian landscape as it relates to my life. I frequently focus on the changes and effects of weather, time, and seasons. Environmental concerns and indigenous culture issues also strongly resonate in my art.”

c name tag
c Tools for scraping – woodworking scrapers or ceramics/pottery tools work well. You can usually find a cheap set of pottery tools at a $2 store.
c Things to make texturing marks such as wire, bits of metal, old forks, etc
c A collection of different papers (Newspaper, pages from vintage books, handmade papers, printed napkins, sewing patterns, tissue papers, etc.). They need to be without any acrylic coating. The thinner the better – but certainly fine to experiment with different thicknesses)
c Roll of masking tape (any kind)
c Roll of paper towels
c Anything you would like to experiment with incorporating into encaustic such as small objects, flattened flowers, grass, etc.
c Textiles - can be any kind of natural textile material, sewn or not. All materials needs to be natural, not synthetic; for example cotton, silk, wool.
c Please make sure you wear protective clothing (covered shoes, long sleeves, apron)
c Old saucer or lid

c Please try to bring some external ply off cuts (Practice boards). Sometimes hardware stores have offcuts. 3-4 minimum and size can vary but keeping them under 30cm. I will have a few spare ones on the day.
c Wooded art boards - 3 minimum. Under 30 cm is preferable, but so long as it is on the small side, it is fine. If you’d rather not have the expense of the wooden art boards, you can use 9mm ply, cut into small boards, though your paintings may not look as nicely finished. Participants can purchase reasonably priced boards through me, so long as you email your order before 24th May ( Sizes and prices: 30x30cm=$16.50, 25x30=$14.60, 20x25=$10, 20x20=$11.50
These can also be found online including at:

c An oil stick, one or two (optional) Sennelier brand is best.
c Oil paint, a few colours, good quality (optional)
c Watercolours (optional)
c Graphite and or graphite pencil (optional)
c Graphite pencil (optional)
c Heat gun, if you have one (used for stripping paint; no hair dryers)
c Toner-based images or photographs (optional). High-contrast black and white images work best. You can print or photocopy with any toner-based copier/printer (these are usually found in libraries or large businesses). I will have some extras, but please bring your own if you want something personal.
c Small images, graphics or photos on standard inkjet paper

I will bring bits and pieces to experiment with, but encaustic is a beautifully personal medium, so it will be all the more special if you choose personal things and images to include. I will also have a selection of tools available. Your $40 materials fee will go to the encaustic medium and pigments that we will use.

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