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Step One: Download the eyejack app on your device

Step Two: open the app and launch the camera by clicking on the eye shaped image on the bottom left of your screen. (like the logo of eyejack )

Future Surface QR code.png

Step Three: Use the displayed camera and scan the QR code to your left on this web page.  This will load the art work.

Step Four: Aim your device at the Future Surface picture above... See the change in the image... 

Step Five: Book into one of the workshops to learn how to animate and augment your own work and images All welcome. 

Step Six: Be part of a really cool project, and learn to animate for free. 

Please not that if you join the comic book stream you will have to have your own computer and your own software.  The project team is able to support you with this. The focus of this workshop will be adobe animate and Photoshop - you may use other software but you will need to know how to use it without assistance.   

To watch a high budget spectacular video about what is possible visit the eyejack webpage. 

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