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Nhill Creative Collective

Gayle Newcombe

'In her own time ‘ 

This beautiful Orangutan carries the colours of fire through her coat.  


Her name is Puspa and she lives at the Adelaide Zoo. 

Naomi Zanker

The Walloway Brickmaker, 1878
76 x 60 cm, Oil on Linen

Great-great-grandfather’s homestead on the southern edge of the Flinders Ranges, at
Walloway, north of Adelaide. Bleak country, dry creek-beds, few trees. Once a prosperous
cattle-run, settled in 1876, with cellars for the dairy produce, it is currently abandoned. A
verandah base still surrounds part of the house, and the brick walls of the outbuildings,
kitchen and laundry are falling in a heap. The house walls and chimneys are sturdy.
‘THE KILN’ was established in 1878 when good quality clay for brick-making was discovered
on the property, and production began in earnest. G-g-grandfather was originally a brick-
maker. His bricks were exported as far as Port Pirie and Broken Hill. The kiln itself was fired
by tons of firewood, neatly stacked nearby, according to a newspaper report of 1893.
Piles of brick rubble still litter the ground; there is no more firewood to be seen.

Isla Dart

‘Rising Upwards’



This painting represents fire going up a mountainside.

It was a reflection or image I had of fires in the Grampians some years ago.

Apart from being devastating, fire & flames can be mesmerising, beautiful and exciting.

Beth Campbell

Acrylic on Canvas, 40 x 50 cm

Bushfires are always devastating, but out of the ashes springs hope, in the form of the new shoots, the odd bits of green that show life is still present. This painting is focused on the life remaining in the grasstrees of the Little Desert, with the smoky backdrop of the burnt mallees and saplings.
Beth Campbell is one of the Nhill Creative Artists who has painted with the group for many years. While acrylic is her medium of choice, Beth also does a lot of sketching, and occasionally paints in oils. Landscapes and florals are her

favourite subjects.

Kim Gibson

“Smokin’ It Up”.

It is Andrew Lynch at the Summer Nationals.

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