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Gayle Newcombe


Full time job


I go to meet this Canadian goose and baby not so long ago. They shared a swim together, then back to the nest. While mum checked the remaining egg, the baby preened itself. So cute.


$ 880 


Returning to art in 2013 was a choice made to begin my creative desire and outlet was one of the best decisions.  Then following a dream to take art up as my career in 2017 was not only liberating to be my own boss but allowing my abilities to grow.  As I gain confidence in my craft, I see growth in the studio and in myself.  


The choice to use pastels has been an easy one, it’s immediate, on the support with all the mixing done as I go and the mark making is a bonus to have a lively piece of art not to re-create a photo. 


To connect with my subject as it develops in front of my eyes.  I used to develop my own monochrome photos and it was a thrill to see an image emerging, I find developing my work as I sit at the easel a little like watching my photo creep to the surface. It excites me to see what is at the end. 


I love animals from all over the world but I have a soft spot for our Australian wildlife. They are my inspiration.


For More Art, our thanks for the following venues -

Grains Innovation

Cooks Manchester

Earles Menswear

Mackay's Jewellers

Hello World

Redrocks Books and Gallery

ISO hair Design

Hair Art

Imelda's Shoes

Bendigo Bank

Jubilee Hall

Russell Hall (Maydale Reserve)


Horsham Undercover

Meat Market

Lili Vogue

Chisholm HiFi


Horsham Plaza

Amcal Chemist



Horsham Regional Art Gallery

JRS Workshop

Centre for Participation

Uniting Wimmera

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