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Liz Chivell

A scene done with a wood burning pen on untreated pine that is the size and shape of a square table top that two people could sit at.
The scene is only lines similar to a drawing done with a pencil but with fine detail included.
There is no shading or colouring, just lines.
The scene is a side view of a male and female sitting on separate chairs on a long verandah, talking with a mug of coffee warming their hands and relaxing after a
day’s work on their farm.
The women is sitting with her legs crossed at the knees wearing a flannelette shirt, tracksuit pants and steel cap boots.
The man is sitting with his legs stretched out and his feet resting on a plastic outdoor chair, wearing a work shirt, work pants and steel cap boots.
The verandah has different width floorboards. Hardwood posts are holding up the iron roof.
Leaning against the wall past the man is an old metal wheel and a cane chair. On the woman’s right against the wall is part of a couch on the verandah for visitors.
There are weatherboards and windows behind them.
In the distance past the end of the verandah there are trees with weeping branches and some bushes, a kelpie walking past and in the far distance past the paddock is the tree line where the river is.
In the tree line there is the shape of the old abattoir that abuts the farm land.

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