PhoneHeads is a performance that uses dance, music and theatre.

PhoneHeads is about using mobile phones, headphones and other technology. It is about trying to communicate with other people.


Sometimes we are in our own little world when we use technology like mobile phones. Sometimes we are trying to reach out to others and tell them something important.


In this project we are looking for dancers in Horsham to join Y Space and perform with people from CreateA to make the PhoneHeads HorsHam performance

Here is a short promotional video about the project

CreateA is an arts company in Bendigo run through Golden City Support Services. CreateA makes performances with people with disability. Y Space is a dance company in Horsham/Natimuk that creates performances with people who love to dance.


If you are interested in being part of this performance we will be holding workshops in April and May. The performance will be on Friday 4th June at 5-6 pm.



You don’t need to be a good dancer to do this performance (but it is great if you are!). Whatever ability you have we would like you to be part of this project.

It can be done standing or sitting.


 If you are interested and over 16 please phone

PhoneHeads HorsHam Coordinator and Y Space Director

 Jillian Pearce: 0439 371 962

Jillian will then work with you to register as a dancer

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Be part of PhoneHeads Horsham

Thanks for submitting! Jillian will be in touch with you soon. 

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