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ART IS... a Co-Created Festival

Art is... has a proud history of delivering an iconic, inclusive annual arts festival of outstanding quality in the heart of Horsham. Read more about the Festival's history.


Art is..., Australia's premiere co-created arts festival, provides opportunities for local artists, partners, organisations, groups and individuals to influence the planning, delivery, growth and governance of the Festival, heightening the experience for the local and broader community. 

Co-created means we make our decisions together, with our partners and communities.


Core principles

With ART at the Festival's heart, our principles guide the way the Festival makes choices and decisions: 

  • Community participation: we actively encourage and are committed to involving and including the community in the planning, delivery, growth and governance of the Festival and its purpose of using art as a vehicle for community connection and growth.  

  • Collaboration and partnerships: we support, coordinate and lead efforts to partner and collaborate with the community in the planning and delivery of artistic content and Festival activities.

  • Community leadership: we invest in people to develop their skills, expertise and experience and work with the Festival to lead artistic initiatives, projects and programs and create opportunities which result in a stronger community and better outcomes for all involved. 

  • Sustainability: we aim to achieve organisational and environmental sustainability, ensuring we are viable and able to build our capacity as well as prioritising our connection with and respect for our environment. 


The 'community' is those living in and around Horsham, including neighbouring towns and regions, as well as local groups, organisations, businesses and individuals who share our values and want to be involved with the Festival for collective community benefit.


From a terrific article by Alicia Lee and Tatiana Glad for the Berkana Institute: "Cooperation comes when people work to share ideas, whereas collaboration is that magic moment when we take a step beyond individual needs and co-create from a higher shared value..."  - see full article here.

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