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Pink Sugar

Watchabout Wimmera Artist Trail

The Wimmera has a myriad of artists drawn to or inspired by the nature and the beauty that surrounds them. The Art is... festival has been a vehicle or an opportunity  for many. We're  greatful at the same as we celebrate their contributions and we reamin commmitted to increasing the profile of and supporting our artists with profesional development opportunities, especially in the business of being an artist. To help Wimmera artists devote more time to their art, and to help that art get spread to the world. The Watchabout Wimmera Art Trail is a project to map our artist community and  increase knowledge of our local artists and to give an insight into the lives and inspirations behind their art. 

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My name is Naomi Zanker


My name is Isla Dart


My name is Gayle Newcombe


My name is Kathy Koop

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