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Can you do the
#Wimmera Dance Challenge?



Over Winter the Green Screen Studio will be travelling around the Wimmera. Watch the tutorial. learn the dance and record your version in our studio (a copy will be emailed to you).  The best dancers that are truest to the form and music will win a prize at this years Horsham Show.  A highlights reel will be created. 

Learnt the Dance?  What now? Book a session with our Mobile Green Screen Studio - coming to you and your group this Winter 


The music for the Wimmera Dance Challenge is the track Dangerous from Zimbabwean musician Jah Prayzah you can learn more about him here

* Terms and Conditions for the Green Screen Studio Augmented Reality App

The Art is… festival AR app with email your video to the email address provided.  We have NO CONTROL over what the person who owns that email address does with it.  Imagine that it will be broadcast on TV or Tic Tok and don’t do anything in the Green Screen that you do not want to share with the world.

The Art is… festival will keep a copy of your video.  It will be stored in the Creativa Amazon Bucket for the duration of the project and will then live in the Art is… archive.

During the project we will share the dances on our website and social media we may also use your video to create a film clip.  We will not use anything that we deem inappropriate, and we will abide by the guidelines of the office of the eSafety Commissioner.

By participating in this activity, you are consenting:

  1. to your image and likeness being recorded, shared and edited by the Art is… festival for the purpose of marketing, publications, advertising or other media activities. This consent is given in perpetuity and does not require prior approval.

  2. to be entered into our Dance competition of which the winners will be invited to be in our Dance project next year. The dance competition winners will be announced in conjunction with the Horsham Show on the 26th September

  3.  that we can use the supplied email address to let you know what the Art is... festival is up to, for example, when we release our highlights reel and film clips. (You can unsubscribe at the end of each of our emails.  We regularly delete those that unsubscribe from emails so that we cannot email you again)


Over 13’s we want you to be involved.  

Our technician will make efforts to speak to you to gain informed consent therefore if you access the studio our technician has explained what these T&Cs mean and believes that they have understood the implications of this information.

Under 13’s you will need a responsible adult with you to participate.  If you access the studio through your school, your footy club or group they will advise us whether we can use recorded videos for our highlights reel. They will not be emailed to you but to the email address provided by the group or directly to the festival 

Thank you for taking the time to read these T&Cs

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