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Art is...FUNdamental



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Concert for the Earth /
Yibunga dja, ba guragurug

Literally: to go smiling on the earth and sand. Fantastic music, food, entertainment, dance, ceremony, plus fire. Horsham's single greatest winter event (incorporates the Winter Warmer / Delguk Wanjab). See a Grammy-nominated world music artist in collaboration with local talent.

2 July, 7.00 pm, $40

Maydale Pavilion


Djilga Wotjobaluk

Djilga means "showoff" and this is a celebration of Wotjobaluk culture, especially food culture. Incorporating Djagua Rarkee - "fire with a feast cooked under", this multi-course fine-dining banquet will be accompanied by ceremony, foraging,  performance, games, entertainment, and lots of information.

3 July, 3 - 8 pm, $75

Natimuk Lake


Game Show

In this game show concept by Jason Chong, one of Adelaide’s favourite comedians, the audience answer live questions on their phones. Contestants battle it out to predict which way the audience will swing. Game shows are in pubs, of course, so we're at the Exchange, and we'll start with stand-up comedy fresh from the workshop Jason ran earlier in the week.

29 June, 8.00 pm, $20

Exchange Hotel


My Earth

The My Earth Creative Writing Competition gets your thoughts distributed to 22,500 homes across the Wimmera, with winners also made into podcasts and hosted on the Ace Radio website. What does "my Earth" mean to you?


Dear Tree

Visit the Maydale Reserve and enjoy a meditative experience that connects you with the trees in your life. Throughout the weekend of 25 and 26 June.

25 - 26 June, various times, Free

Maydale Reserve


ZEMLYA (Earth)

One of the top 10 silent films of all time, banned by Stalin just days after release in 1930, and it's Ukrainian. The soundtrack has been re-scored by two different Horsham composers and is performed live. The story of a rural community rising to meet their challenges.

20, 21, 25, 30 June and 1 July, 8.00 pm, $20

Cattle Shed


The Bunker

Join Master Bunker-builder Jason Chong. If the world was ending and there was a bunker nearby that only fit half the people in the room, would you make the cut? Do you have skills to help rebuild society? These are not questions you’ll need to answer IF YOU HAVE YOUR OWN BUNKER. Hilarious immersive interactive theatre.

28 June, 8.00 pm, $25/$15

Maydale Reserve


Eating Tomorrow

Have you ever wondered what the future might look like? Feel like? Taste like? A back-to-the-future time travel experiment, exploring what our food systems, customs and behaviours might become in the next fifty years. Get immersed in imaginary worlds; see, smell, touch and taste what the future might have in store.

21 - 26 June, various times, $20/$10

Maydale Reserve


Art is Bald

Our annual photographic competition. Portrature, and in keeping with the theme of Earth, landscapography. Create some fabulous images of the people in your life, the Wimmera, and then vote for what you like best.

Closes 30 May.

Voting and publc judging 1 June to 17 June.

Winners announced 27 June, 5.30 pm.


Watchabout Wimmera

Meet our artists! We're mapping Wimmera artists and introducing them through a short video project. You can also sign up for tours to visit galleries and studios on two day-trips taking place during the festival.

Day tours 23 June (Rainbow) and 24 June  (Nhill)

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